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The BF INDICATORS trading suite is made of 4 complementary  indicators. Trading is a game of probabilities, and I prefer to rely on mathematical engineering than my brain. With that in mind we designed a fully capable probabilities optimized trading suite.

This is how BF INDICATORS was born.

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February 09, 2021


Black Flamingo


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4 indicators, each having its own purpose and singularity.

The first and most famous, BF Overlay, the almighty and father of breakers. Its accuracy is not to be proven anymore. It’s a special algorithm which has been meticulously engineered around strict probabilities, with approximately 95%+ win rate signals.

The second but not least, BF Context. Its name says it all, it is for trend analyzing. It is specially designed for trend followers and mid term/long term swings.

The third and the scalper’s favorite, BF Trend. Designed to optimize entries especially on lower timeframes. It’s an upgraded RSI, more factors into account. It also allows you to visualize directly higher timeframe’s RSI on the same chart.

The last indicator completing the suite is the BF Funding. If you are on the Black Flamingo community, you would know how crazy accurate is the funding to predict big markets move. That’s why it’s a must have on any chart!

Developed by skilled traders, for traders

The trading strategy is coming straight from my 4 years experience on the crypto markets. The development of the indicators has been made possible thanks to the genius developper and trader friend, @Horloger. With a full expertise and background in robotic research and engineering, @Horloger successfully developed multiple backtesting trading platforms as well as specific indicators and trading bots. 

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